Hand sanitiser – Adults, please sanitise your hands using our automatic sanitiser dispensers on the table at the bottom of the ramp.

Lunch box – Put your lunchbox in the box – There are now three large plastic boxes one for each group.

Self-register – Find you name-tag in the basket on the table at the bottom of the ramp. Take it to the top of the ramp and hook it onto the train track tree by the front door.

Coats and bags – Hang your duckling backpack on the hooks on the handrail along the ramp. Hang your coat on a peg – each group has a designated area in the cloakroom.

Water bottles – Take your water bottle into nursery and put in the pockets so you can access them throughout the day.

Wash hands – Once in the nursery say goodbye to your adult and go straight into the bathroom to wash your hands. Adults please leave the nursery via the back door.