About us

The Duckling Nursery aims to include all children and their families into a secure, supportive, learning and caring environment. We welcome and encourage diversity.

The Duckling Nursery School offers sessional and full day care (term time only) for children aged 2 to 5 years. Each session has up to twenty eight children.

The nursery operates in a demountable classroom on the Writtle Infant School grounds. We have our own fenced garden and use of the playground, school field and the school hall.

A large part of the garden has an all weather surface with a sensory roadway. There is also a large shingle pit, a wooden climbing wall, a wooden tree house, climbing area, tumble bare and mud kitchen. The garden offers natural shade with well-established trees. A great variety of equipment and resources are available for both indoor and outdoor play.


Our Ethos

The Duckling Nursery guarantees that all children irrespective of religion, gender, skin colour or special needs will be welcomed in by all staff. All children will be treated equally and as individuals encouraging autonomy and self-worth.

We provide the best possible quality care and education for the children at all times in a happy, secure and stimulating environment. By exploring, experimenting and learning through their own play and through the motivation from staff acting as role models, all children are encouraged to reach their full potential in their own time.


What parents say about us

The Duckling Nursery is a welcoming and supportive community not only for children but parents too. Their fantastic outdoor area, staff and resources have enabled our children to feel happy and settled quickly while enjoying a whole range of new opportunities. We highly recommend it.

Parents of 4 children who have been through Duckling Nursery

What Ofsted say about us

Staff promote children’s communication and language skills well and skilfully maintain older children’s attention during games. Children form strong relationships with their key person and other staff. They actively seek them out for support when needed.

Inspection report September 2018