The Duckling Nursery guarantees that all children irrespective of religion, gender, skin colour or special needs will be welcomed in by all staff. All children will be treated equally and as individuals encouraging autonomy and self-worth.

We provide the best possible quality care and education for the children at all times in a happy, secure and stimulating environment. By exploring, experimenting and learning through their own play and through the motivation from staff acting as role models, all children are encouraged to reach their full potential in their own time.

The children are provided with a variety of equipment and materials appropriate to their levels of learning, encouraging them to make their own choices. The nursery follows the guidelines and statutory requirements for The Early Years Foundation Stage, incorporating all areas of learning in the planning and teaching of an appropriate curriculum. This will encourage all children to achieve the early learning goals, and where appropriate go beyond them by the end of their reception year.

A buddy system is in place in the nursery encouraging the children to support and care for each other. All parents’ and carers’ wishes and confidentiality are respected at all times. The nursery upholds a no-smoking policy at all times.