The children at the duckling Nursery are divided into four family style Key Groups to encourage the children, parents and staff to develop strong, trusting relationships. Each Key Group has a name, colour and Key worker(s) who are responsible for the children within that group.


Mrs Moore
Miss Orphanou
Mrs Nicholls
Mrs Park

We have recently introduced key group points to the children. There are four jars identified by group symbol and name and key group coloured counters. Each time a group point or points are given to a child they pop the counters in the jar where they can watch them grow in number. At the end of each half term the group with the most points receive a small treat. This encourages a sense of achievement group identity and teamwork amongst the children. Points are given for caring, sharing, tidying, trying hard, trying new challenges, kindness, good singing, good listening, good sitting and much more.