We can definitely see a light at the end of the tunnel as together we are beating the pandemic..

Mrs Homer

This page was last updated on 21st June, 2021.

Although the majority of the staff have now had their first vaccination and Mrs Homer has had a double dose, we will continue with a one-way system in and out of nursery, 2 metre social distancing, only one family in the cloakroom at a time and masks to be worn at all times on the school premises.

We are disappointed that we are unable to relax these rules a little more after the government’s recent announcement. However, we really must keep our children, families and staff safe and well and once again I thank you all for your continued support and care.

Sadly this means we will not be able to hold our sports morning on Friday 2nd July. To ensure the children are not disappointed we will be enjoying fun sports activities during the week beginning 28th June. We will take many photographs and display them for you all to see.

If you are concerned about the safety of your children at nursery during this time, please read the information we have been sent by the Early Years Alliance, which explains our point of view perfectly.

Latest Newsletter

In line with Government recommendations, we are open for all children who choose to return, with strict measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety. These include and are not limited to:

  • increased hand washing
  • a one-way system for dropping children off
  • staggered drop off and collection times
  • removing some of the resources we are unable to sanitise regularly
  • key groups of 5 children assigned to one adult
  • regular cleaning of the nursery and resources
  • adults wearing masks at drop off and pick up

We also ask from you that:

  • Your child stays at home for 10 days if someone else in your house has a temperature or a new cough
  • You wear a mask when dropping off or collecting your children
  • You do not travel to nursery on public transport
  • You stay 2 metres apart from other adults and children
  • Your child stays at home for 7 days if they have a temperature or a new cough.

If you have any questions about the measures we have in place, do ask (see our contact page). We can assure you the safety of you, your children and the staff working here are our top priority at this unprecedented time.