Latest news

Having though long and hard about a way to continue with Friends of Ducklings, I am really sad to say that I think we have to put this on hold for the foreseeable future. Our wonderful Autumn/Christmas Fayre has regrettably now been cancelled.

We do have a few fun ideas for the weeks leading up to Christmas and may need your help with some donations. I will keep you all updated when our ideas are confirmed.

Keeping our children, our families and duckling staff safe and well must be paramount at this time. Hopefully the New Year and the Spring will bring many positive changes and will be able to get Friends of Ducklings and future fund raising events up and running.

Who we are

A core group of interested parents formed Friends of Duckling Nursery in 2004 to raise funds and organise social events. During these years, families have moved on but we have always continued to have new parents or returning families ready to take over.

Our current staff members are:

Mrs Sheila Homer, Miss Courtney Burnette, Miss Bethany Mattacks

We have an ever changing group of parents involved in helping and organising events.  Do let us know if you would like to be involved.

We need help!

The AGM is held during an evening in September at the nursery. Subsequent meetings throughout the year are held on designated Tuesday evenings, 8pm at the fox and goose pub (CM1 3SN).  We would like to invite you to join us. The committee requires limited commitment, is very informal and lots of fun!

The members help to prepare, set up and run elements of each event. However please don’t feel pressure to do it all. If you can’t commit to attending the meetings, we are more than happy if you can just set up, help out on a stall or help clear away at the end.

Money raised by Friends of Ducklings has bought some wonderful resources and equipment including our new treehouse and tumble bar.

If you are interested or would simply like to know more about us and what you can do, please feel free to speak to any of us or get in touch.

We hope you can come and join us.