Jewellery and hairdressing

The children love to play with jewellery and hair dressing role-play activities, however our stocks are becoming rather depleted. If you are having a post Christmas clear out and have any unwanted beads, bracelets, rings etc, or combs brushes rollers hair dryers/tongs etc we would love to take them off your hands.

Canadian students.

In the past we have had students from Canada come to the nursery to further their studies in an overseas placement. These have always been very successful for the nursery, staff and children and the students. It is always exciting and extremely interesting to learn about their culture, their lives and their education system in particular. This would take place in the mid/late April for one month and I have been asked if there is any possibility that the students could stay with Duckling families. There would be a payment for this home stay, which would be discussed between students and hosts. If you are interested in this or require further information please see Mrs Homer.


We have recently had lots of children bringing in toys. Unless they are needed as comforters or topic related they stay in their Duckling bags or at home. Lost or broken toys mean sad children.


Please remember, all children’s coats, hats, gloves, scarves, sweatshirts and also shoes must be named. It makes the home time preparation a much easier, smoother and quicker process.


Lets begin the New Year with mindful and courteous parking in the streets around the schools and nursery? We understand that the area can get extremely busy however we must be thoughtful and considerate to the local residents.

Yellow Home/Nursery books

The yellow home/nursery books are a great link for the children and their key persons between home and nursery life. We appreciate that everyone has very busy lives however a short message once a week would be very much appreciated by the staff. Observing the children and key persons sharing the messages and then writing one to you is great to see.

Nursery contacts

Mrs Homer is not in the nursery on a Thursday. Mrs Park (07967054184) can be contacted between 8am and 2.30pm or alternatively Mrs Moore (07595286449) can bet contacted between 7.30am and 5.30pm on Thursdays. If at any other time duriing the week you are unable to contact Mrs Homer, both Mrs Park and Mrs Moore will be available. Also please let us know if any of your family or contact details have changed during the summer break.