Nursery contacts

Mrs Homer is not in the nursery on a Thursday. Mrs Park (07967054184) can be contacted between 8am and 2.30pm or alternatively Mrs Moore (07595286449) can bet contacted between 7.30am and 5.30pm on Thursdays. If at any other time duriing the week you are unable to contact Mrs Homer, both Mrs Park and Mrs Moore will be available. Also please let us know if any of your family or contact details have changed during the summer break.

Summer Treasure Hunt

The summer treasure hunt at the end of last term raised £30 and we have used the money to purchase some story characters such as Stick Man, Zog, the Gruffalo and the Gruffalo’s child. These will be shared with the children during story times and key group activities when they are discussing these books. We have tried to find a kipper toy but so far have been unsuccessful. If anyone has one that we could borrow, please speak to Mrs Homer.

Duckling Wall

Please come into the garden and see our wonderful painting on the nursery wall. It really is truly amazing with a fabulous warm Duckling glow incorporating all 4 groups the Stars, Moons, Suns and Rainbows. Annabel’s mummy is the great artist and has spent many hours in the sun, wind and rain creating this super mural. We would like to say a huge huge thank you to her.

Friends of Ducklings

We have had an amazingly successful fundraising year with our fabulous events such as The Christmas Fayre, The Family Maypole Celebrations and our lovely relaxing ladies evening. Consequently, we have funds that we would like to spend. We have some thoughts however we would love to hear your ideas for new resources. Please let me know. Sadly, some of our committee will be leaving us in July and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their time and hard work and also to thank everyone for their support during the year. Our first meeting will be on the evening of Tuesday 24th September. We are a very friendly group of mums and staff and would love to welcome new faces and new ideas. Our first event to organise is our Autumn/Christmas Fayre on Saturday 16th November so come along to the meeting and help with the preparations.


Sadly, there has been an incident involving a Duckling child outside the school the week before the half term holiday. The child was crossing the pavement at the entry to Whitehead Close and unfortunately a car driving into the close did not see him and he was hit by the car. Luckily, he was not badly injured however he was very shocked and shaken as was his Grandma. There are no markings on the pavement or signs anywhere to alert pedestrians to this turning so please take care when crossing this section of the pavement. The Parish Council have been informed and they are very aware and concerned about parking and driving issues around the schools. Hopefully between us we can get something done about this to stop another incident/accident happening in the future.

Sun cream and sun hats

Please can all children have sun hats at Ducklings. For those children who attend a full day we will apply Boots children’s factor 50 sun cream after lunch, however if this is unsuitable for your child please send in another cream, clearly named.

Nursery contact numbers

If you are unsure which number to use when, check our contact us page.